25 family travel bloggers share their #1 vacation destinations

Since having our second son a few months ago our travels haven’t slowed down, but unfortunately my email checking has… Was very disappointed to miss the opportunity to be included in this list of awesome blogs at TripAdvisor last month.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 9.12.40 AM

However, my loss doesn’t mean we can’t all gain something from this article! My little traveling family was interested to see Italy listed three times, making us think it’s a place we need to visit. See the published list here: 25 Family Travel Bloggers Share Their #1 Vacation Destinations.

Had I been more on the ball, I would have recommended:

Japan, specifically Tokyo. The city is clean, safe and easily navigated – our son was thrilled with the plethora of trains (we never made it on the Bullet Train, but don’t tell him that!) We were lucky to have been there in April to catch the blooming cherry blossoms at Chureito Pagoda, view Mount Fuji, have a sushi breakfast at the Tsukiji Fish Market, and sleep each night on traditional tatami mats. 

Thank you to the other bloggers who made the list for the great tips & travel inspiration!

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