5 things: to love about Singapore’s Changi International Airport

changi international airport

No one likes a long layover, particularly when travelling with kids. (Unless it’s a planned venture to stretch your legs, get some non-airplane food and maybe even see the city. I actually LOVE these rare types of stopovers.) But if you must bide your precious travel time somewhere, there are far worse places to be than Singapore’s airport.

Here are five things to love about Changi International:

01. 24-Hour Convenience Store

I’ve been trapped at an airport in the early hours when nothing – and I mean nothing – was open aside from a single, half-filled vending machine. Not fun. You will not have this dilemma at Changi; there are two 24-hour 7-Elevens, one located in Terminal 1 and another in Terminal 2 where you can get everything from a snack and diapers to a new carry-on or neck pillow.

changi international airport

There are also several specialty shops, restaurants and bookstores that are open all day and night. I highly recommend grabbing the Shop & Dine and Airport Guide pamphlets that are available throughout the airport to find out what’s open where.

 02. Free Internet

You’ll have to login using your phone number (a password will come via text.) If your phone can’t receive international text messages ask the information counter for a password. The information counters are easy to find, but so are the many computer stations that don’t require a code at all. Very convenient if you can’t be bothered and just need to quickly check your email. Just remember to log out!

 03. Play areas in each terminal

Climbing, jumping and sliding – three great ways to keep your kids happy while tiring them out before your next flight. There is also a Family Zone in Terminal 2, (we’ve yet to find it, maybe next time) where you can change a diaper, use a nursing room, play or watch a cartoon.

changi international airport

Baby care rooms are located throughout the terminals and near most gates.

04. Places to relax

From the rooftop swimming pool in Terminal 1 and the orchid and sunflower gardens in Terminal 2, to the koi pond, butterfly garden and movie theatre in Terminal 3, you’re bound to find someplace to chill out. (Unless of course you are holed up at one of the play areas with a coffee and a Wi-Fi connection, like me.)

If sleeping and peace and quiet is what you need there are several rest areas with reclining lounge chairs scattered around the airport.

05. Outlets

Changi has an abundance of power points, most located near chairs. How thoughtful. Perfect for charging up whatever device you need to entertain yourself or your little ones on your next flight.

changi international airport

Note: Changi is big and the terminals are quite far apart, so planning how you will spend your layover in advance is helpful. This way you know where to head right off the plane – rather than wandering around trying to decide where you want to go, then realizing you have 20 minutes left to board and you haven’t had dinner yet. (This has happened to us!) Walking times are posted on most signs, keep an eye out!

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