Babyproofing on the Go – 3 Things to Pack When Traveling With a Toddler

I’ll be honest, when I babyproofed at home I really just threw some covers on the outlets and foam pads on the edges of the coffee table. But, that’s because our house was pretty baby-friendly to begin with. Traveling poses a different babyproofing challenge because you don’t always know what to expect in a hotel room or rental house. These three items are a good place to start:


01. Rubber bands – can be used to tie up blind cords and secure cabinet doors.


02. Outlet covers – I just throw in mine from home, no need to have a duplicate “travel set” unless you are traveling to a country with different sockets.


03. Door knob cover – my son can open our front door’s lever knob, but still can’t figure out the regular knob for the bathroom door. I pack a cover for each type, and put priority on the front door – where he could potentially escape.

Once in the room, get down to your child’s eye level. What can s/he see? What looks tempting? What looks dangerous? Move those things or move something in front of them. Suitcases and furniture can helpful deterrents for doorways and stairwells, or to simply block an area off. (Stress on deterrent – remember that your toddler, or even crawler, could probably move or climb around them with some effort.)

Also: Asking the hotel for, or bringing your own travel crib provides a safe place for your child to chill while you need to shower or use the restroom.

Want to try the deluxe version?  Travel Tot’s has a childproofing kit available on Amazon.

2 Comments on Babyproofing on the Go – 3 Things to Pack When Traveling With a Toddler

  1. hotmamatravel
    Thursday, April 10 at (5 years ago)

    Great tips! I know when I check into a hotel room the kids immediately find all things dangerous.

    • Jetlag&Juiceboxes
      Saturday, April 26 at (5 years ago)

      Agree, it’s like they have an inner radar… 🙂


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