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Gear Review: Ergo Ventus baby carrier

ergo ventus

Product Description: The ERGObaby Ventus child carrier is a three position carrier for kids 7 – 45 pounds. (Babies up to 12 pounds, or without strong neck and head control should use the infant insert.) With this carrier you are able to place baby on your back, front or hip. It features a mesh panel to […] Read more…

Malaria: Symptoms, prevention & travel with kids


That high-pitched buzz. That little pinch you feel when you realize too late you’ve been bitten. That incessant itch. Nobody likes a mosquito – at least nobody I know – and a malaria carrying mosquito? I think it’s safe to say those are the worst. While most malaria cases are found in sub-Saharan Africa, your visit […] Read more…

Babyproofing on the Go – 3 Things to Pack When Traveling With a Toddler


I’ll be honest, when I babyproofed at home I really just threw some covers on the outlets and foam pads on the edges of the coffee table. But, that’s because our house was pretty baby-friendly to begin with. Traveling poses a different babyproofing challenge because you don’t always know what to expect in a hotel […] Read more…

How to: Fly with a baby

how to fly with a baby

I’m a mom. I like to travel. Until recently I had not combined these two aspects of my life; and, like many -a-new-mom, I was nervous about taking my 6-month-old baby on a plane. An inconsolable baby screaming, passengers making snide comments about my parenting skills and a flight attendant asking me to disembark – these visions […] Read more…

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