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A New Year’s note


Happy New Year! If you are a new reader, WELCOME! If you are a tried-and-true Jet lag & Juice boxes follower, WELCOME BACK! you may have noticed the new layout and I hope you find it easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. I am looking forward to many things in 2015, but most […] Read more…

Malaria: Symptoms, prevention & travel with kids


That high-pitched buzz. That little pinch you feel when you realize too late you’ve been bitten. That incessant itch. Nobody likes a mosquito – at least nobody I know – and a malaria carrying mosquito? I think it’s safe to say those are the worst. While most malaria cases are found in sub-Saharan Africa, your visit […] Read more…

How to be a happy expat


New job, new house, new language, new country… expats make new lives for themselves wherever they go – use these tips to ease your transition. 1. Make new friends – local and expat. John Lennon said it best – “I get by with a little help from my friends.” Building a new community of friends takes time, and […] Read more…