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Babyproofing on the Go – 3 Things to Pack When Traveling With a Toddler


I’ll be honest, when I babyproofed at home I really just threw some covers on the outlets and foam pads on the edges of the coffee table. But, that’s because our house was pretty baby-friendly to begin with. Traveling poses a different babyproofing challenge because you don’t always know what to expect in a hotel […] Read more…

How to: Fly with a baby

how to fly with a baby

I’m a mom. I like to travel. Until recently I had not combined these two aspects of my life; and, like many -a-new-mom, I was nervous about taking my 6-month-old baby on a plane. An inconsolable baby screaming, passengers making snide comments about my parenting skills and a flight attendant asking me to disembark – these visions […] Read more…

Some of our favorite family travel blogs:


Before each trip I scour the internet for inspiration, tips, new tricks for traveling with kids and babies, and location specific information. In all this searching I have come across maaany a blog. Here are some of my favorite family focused travel blogs: An Emerald City Life – A fun travel & Seattle lifestyle blog covering local outings […] Read more…

Preparing your children to be expats

moving boxes

Moving house is stressful, moving country can be doubly so – especially when kids are involved. Start introducing aspects of your future home’s culture before you begin boxing up your belongings and remind your child or children that your family is in this adventure together -demonstrating this by involving them in big decisions and prep work […] Read more…

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