Gear Review: CozyPhones

Product Description: CozyPhones are soft fleece headphones that wear like a headband. Thin speakers fit over ears and are limited to 90 decibels, making them safe for even little kids.

Cost: Prices vary by style, but range from $16 – 20.

Available at Amazon


  • Very comfortable
  • Stay put once on
  • Fleece is washable
  • Can be pulled down over eyes for eye mask
  • Foldable, easily packable
  • Braided cord to prevent kinks


  • Fleece can make for sweaty foreheads if in hot location.
  • Only come in animal, which kids may outgrow

Recommendation: OMG yes. My kids are constantly fiddling with other headphones, they fall off, they are taking them off, need help putting them on, adjusting. These fit, stay on, and let the kids watch a show in flight without distraction. (Read: break for mom & dad.) I not only highly recommend these, I loan out my personal pairs to friends.

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