5 things: To love about Kuala Lumpur’s malls

It seems that all over Southeast Asia, people spend a majority of their time in malls, and not necessarily because they have a shopping habit. The consumerism bothers a lot of travelers, but for locals and expats alike, malls offer more than just another product.

Here are my 5 favorite things about the malls in KL:



01. Strong AC

And it’s free. Most people run their AC’s at night, and leave them off during the day while they’re out or to save some money. The malls do the opposite, making them a great place to cool down and stretch your legs without breaking a sweat.

02. Food courts

You don’t have to cook, and you don’t have to settle for mie goreng (fried noodles) when you really want Peking duck. Everybody wins. Did I mention there are no dishes to do afterwards?

03. Play areas

From fencing to bouncy houses, archery to jungle gyms, malls here even have play areas strictly for the toddler set. They are a great way to let your kiddo burn off some energy while you sit and use the free Wi-Fi. Or play alongside them. Whatever.

04. Theatres

They have reserved seats, people. No showing up 45 minutes early so you don’t get stuck in the first row. Why hasn’t the US picked up on this? (Remember to bring a jacket though, the AC is intense.)

05. Grocery stores

Most malls have a grocery store on the ground floor, truly one-stop shopping. Come for tennis shoes and leave with tomorrow’s lunch ingredients. It’s kind of like Target, but so much bigger.

Bangsar Shopping Center. Photo by  Wohin Auswandern.

Bangsar Shopping Center. Photo by Wohin Auswandern.

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