Loloata Island, Papua New Guinea


I admit, the city of Port Moresby lacks what one would call “tourism draws,” but I wouldn’t hesitate to take a visitor to Loloata Island… should we ever get a visitor here.

Loloata is a small resort island off the coast of Port Moresby, accessible from town by a 20ish-minute car ride followed by a 15-minute ferryboat ride.

In Motu, one of the more widely spoken languages of Papua New Guinea, Loloata translates to “one hill.” This offers a glaring hint at the landscape of the island; the hill can be climbed quite easily with stairs leading to a pleasant view from the top.

Wallaby’s hop freely and Victoria Crowned pigeons strut regally around the island, while squid of various sizes hide under the pier from the squid-jiggers. The beach is a bit rocky, but enjoyable nonetheless. Swaying palm trees provide a good amount of shade once you’ve had enough sun – and occasionally drop coconuts, so watch out.


Phone: +675 7276-8687


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