Port Moresby Nature Park, Papua New Guinea

A welcome escape from Port Moresby, the city’s Nature Park offers a clean, green, shady and safe 14-acres to wander. It re-opened in 2012 as PNG’s only zoological + botanical park, and has quickly become the number one attraction in the area. (It was formerly known as the National Capital Botanical Gardens.)

Generous cages are always a nice find in Southeast Asia, and the park has many species on display including crocodiles, hornbills, wallabies, tree kangaroos and pythons.

Raised pathways take you through the Rainforest Retreat – where you can check out the three species of local cassowaries. If you’re lucky, one will be taking a bath once you  find yourself in the viewing house.

Wallaby Walk, made possible in part by Pacific Rim Constructors!

Wallaby Walk, made possible in part by Pacific Rim Constructors!

We were eager to check out the newly renovated Wallaby Walk, which isn’t quite as shady as the rest of the park, but offers an easy peak at the hopping marsupials.

A walk-through aviary touts birds of paradise on their sign, but we weren’t fortunate enough to see one. (Patience isn’t the virtue of a 2-year-old.) It would be worth the wait another time though, as these birds are difficult to spot in the wild.

Picnic areas are plentiful, but bring your own toilet paper if you plan to use the restrooms. (Or buy some at the gift shop.) If you forgot to pack a lunch you won’t go hungry – the park’s cafe offers hotdogs, burgers and pizza, as well as coffee and muffins. Mosquito repellant is another good thing to pack (or buy at the gift shop,) we left with several bites.

Port Moresby Nature Park

Goro Kaeaga Road, Waigani Drive, Port Moresby

Open daily 8:30am – 5pm


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