Gear Review: Wally inflatable bed rail by The Shrunks


Product description: The Wally is an inflatable bed rail designed by The Shrunks Company. (They specialize in inflatable sleeping aids, from toddler beds to nap stations.) Once inflated the rail slips under the bed sheet and has a velour-like gripping feature on the bottom to keep from slipping. Meant for kids 3 and up. Comes with foot pump and carrying bag. Inflated size is 48 x 7 x 4.10 inches.

Photo from The Shrunks website.

Photo from The Shrunks website.

Cost: $19 – $25 depending on source

Available at Amazon for $19.08.


  • Comes with a foot pump that can be used for inflating other items as well – like swim rings and floating loungers.
  • Also comes with large carrying case, big enough to fit more than one deflated rail + the pump.
  • Non-slip lining on the bottom makes sure the bumper stays put under the sheet.
  • Can be used on any size bed.
  • BPA, Phthalate and lead free.
  • Weighs less than a pound.


  • May have to re-inflate as necessary.
  • Some Amazon reviewers mention slipping and leaking.
  • Says it’s for kids 3+ (our son is 2.)

Recommendation: I bought this item with caution as some Amazon reviews mentioned it sliding off the bed mid-slumber, as well as leaking air. We haven’t had any of these problems & actually have two of them now  – one for each side of the bed. I would definitely recommend this item, both for home use (in place of a non-inflatable bed rail) and for travel.  I love how quickly it inflates and deflates, and how tall it is once inflated – almost 5 inches. I also love the generous size of the travel bag – the rail doesn’t have to be folded just right to get it to fit alongside the pump.

*Update: Our rails have permanently deflated, thanks to B jumping all over them. I love them so much though – for their packability, price and how well they work – that I have ordered replacements.

wally inflatable bumper shrunks

B on a twin hotel bed with 2 bumpers.

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    • Jetlag&Juiceboxes
      Friday, September 19 at (4 years ago)

      I would think so, but not sure how wide the RV beds are? I seem to remember the beds in the camping trailer we had when I was younger being pretty narrow…


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