The best strollers for your vacation

Planning your travels with a small child begs the question: to bring a stroller or not to bring a stroller. I am strictly in the stroller camp for several reasons:

  • Kids get tired.
  • Parents get tired of carrying tired kids.
  • Strollers allow for the occasionally necessary nap-on-the-go.
  • Keeps kids in place when they don’t want to be (ie: immigration lines.)
  • Lets you hang or store your own bag.

I could probably go on.

But after you’ve answered this stroller question for yourself, your next question is which stroller. Like many moms, I have more than one – an umbrella stroller, a heavier duty “all-terrain” stroller and I’m always keeping an eye out for a new one. (Really interested in the sit and stands at the moment!)

I reached out to Amy Tanathorn from Stroller Envy for some much-needed stroller advice. Here she breaks down the best stroller for your vacation, whether it you’re planning a whirlwind theme park tour or a jet-set trip to Europe.

“For babies over 6 months and toddlers, you can’t go wrong with a sturdy, quality made umbrella stroller for airline travel,” Tanathorn says. “They are lightweight, compact and sturdy. You can buy a travel bag specific to the brand, or a general gate-check bag by JL Childress.”

Tanathron’s top four umbrella stroller brands are:

01. Maclaran | Fave features: consistently high reviews over the years, sturdy and good quality.

02. UPPAbaby | Fave features: great canopy and soft, cushy padding that’s washable!

03. Bumbleride | Fave features: provides eco-friendly materials that are good for your baby and the earth.

04. Inglesina | Fave features: waterproof fabrics and maneuverability.

“If you have a newborn [read: too young to sit up in a regular umbrella stroller],” Tanathorn continues, “I recommend the Quinny Zapp for airline travel.”

The Quinny Zapp.

Quinny Zapp | Fave features: small frame, fits in overhead bins, can use a car seat right on frame.

For trips where you will be doing a lot of walking, such as Disneyland or any European city, Tanathron recommends “ …a bit of a larger stroller to carry all your stuff around with you all day.”

Tanathorn’s top all-terrain strollers are:

01. Baby Jogger City Mini | Fave features: huge canopy plus a good-sized storage basket.

02. Joovy Scooter | Fave features: two-step standing fold, zippered storage pocket and mesh pockets on either side of seat for snacks/toys.

The Joovy Scooter.

Amy Tanathorn has been blogging about strollers since 2009 in order to help parents make the right choice for their family and have a positive stroller experience. “Some of my happiest moments of my life have been with my son on our outings.” Visit her blog for more information and lots of reviews: Stroller Envy or find her on Faceboook.

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    Wednesday, July 26 at (1 year ago)

    Thanks for the tips! Keep it up!


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