3 easy things to do with a toddler in Tokyo


01. Take a train to Mount Fuji

If you’re traveling with a toddler – it’ll be all about the train ride. But, if your kid is a bit older, they might just notice – and appreciate – the view.

We took a trip to Chureito Pagoda to view the famous mountain. (About two hours away from Tokyo, several transfers and quite a few yen. Totally worth it.) B couldn’t stop saying “all aboard” the whole ride, and loved waving to the trains coming and going.

Checking out the world's biggest fish market.

 02. See the world’s biggest fish market

Tsujiki is the world’s largest and busiest fish market, but note that while the live auctions start at 5a.m., kids aren’t allowed until 9 a.m. You may miss the bulk of the buying, but a wander through the market after the action dies down is still interesting. So much to see and potentially eat here – they say no trip to Tsujiki is complete with a sushi breakfast. We didn’t eat in the market, but rather a few blocks over in Tsujiki’s outer market.

Know that strollers are not allowed in the market unless you fold them up and carry them, like we did. And since B is in the splash-in-any-puddle-no-matter-it’s-contents stage, he stayed atop dad’s shoulders.


03. Try sushi

Emphasis on try. My toddler is super picky (he doesn’t actually like rice,) but we had to let him taste it. After all, what would a trip to Japan be without the country’s quintessential meal of rice, seaweed and fish.

Sadly, the ikura dish pictured above was not a hit, but he enjoyed playing with the salmon roe “balls.” Unagi, or eel, is another one for picky eaters to try – it’s cooked and generally comes sans seaweed.

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