Ultimate list of family friendly cruises

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Hopping on a cruise is an excellent way to get your family together to make experiences to last a lifetime. While taking a cruise has the potential to bring you all closer together, not all cruises are suitable for this endeavor. Some are more interesting and comfortable for the entire family. You need to be careful about the choice of destination and the cruise line alike. Here are some useful suggestions in that regard, so make the most of them and prepare for an adventure.


The best thing Carnival Cruise does is keep kids of different ages separate. There are arts and crafts for the toddlers, but also appropriate activities for tweens and teens. In this way, the activities are suitable and entertaining. It also means that the parents will have some time to relax themselves. Depending on the ship, Carnival offers pools or waterparks. There are movies, XboX, trivia quizzes and much more.


The name of the cruise line tells you all about their target audience. Kids up to 11 years old will have a time of their lives on these ships. While the youngest kids will enjoy the Mickey pool and the activities and games there, there are many thematic rooms and places on the ships that will entertain Disney lovers of all ages. There is a Laugh Room, just like the one from the Monsters Inc., as well as a room inspired by Toy Story. Older kids will probably enjoy the Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. control room, a bit more. Families can expect thematic parties and tons of Disney’s movies onboard.


Once your young one is aboard the ship, they can becoming a part of the exciting, Splash Academy. This academy promises tons of fun on the ship, including arcade games, bowling, circus school and dinner theater – where you can see acrobats and magicians at work. Another family friendly perk are the discounts Norwegian Cruise Line offers for third and fourth passengers. And we all know discounts are not to be neglected when choosing a cruising company!

Paul Gauguin 

Perhaps this is not the first thing that comes to mind when a family chooses a cruise line, however, the amazing Paul Gauguin cruises are best when it comes to choosing a ship to show you the glorious Tahiti waters. They are amazing, but a bit shallow and these ships can reach all the islands and still provide luxury while doing it. There are scavenger hunts onboard for the kids, and they can enjoy snorkeling and diving monitored by professionals. This cruise line is better for teens and older children because it offers a good balance between fun and educative experiences centered around French Polynesia.

Royal Caribbean

This cruise line is famous for the specialists working with children who are among the best in this line of work. They divide children into Aquanauts, Explorers, and Voyagers, according to their age. All the groups have all day activities and entertainment. Depending on the ship you are about to embark, you will have pools, hot tubs, movie theaters, and even an ice rink. Royal Caribbean does not forget about the parents either. There are a lot of activities for them, as well. The best part is that they always know that their kids are taken care of.

When you think about a family cruise, it seems like the biggest issue is to entertain the kids. The adults are not that hard to please and just being on a gorgeous, floating hotel that takes you to the most amazing places is enough. However, teens, tweens and other kids are a tough crowd. These cruises recognize that need and provide entertainment and fun for them, as well.

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